HMG Fashion Show

Siyabonga Masemola 20160428_233056.jpgThe Hastings Present: Lucha Denero, The Gentleman Code Fashion Show

Hastings Models Global is a modelling agency that has the best and upcoming  models. We feature one of the models (Siyabonga Masemola) from Hastings who’ll give us a brief about what the whole organization, event and what people can expect.


What is Hastings Models Global?

”Hastings is a modelling agency and is promoting it’s products Lucha Denero Wines”.


When is the event going to take place?

”The event will take place on the 7th May 2016 at Magnolia Park, Brooklyn”.


What can people expect on that day, and are there any activites that will take place?

”There will be a fashion show where 30 models from Hastings like myself will be walking the runway and there will be lots of entertainment for our guests, and as part of activities they can expect car shows, bikes show, jwellary”.


‬How much are the tickets and where can people buy them if they are interested on going to the event?

Well the tickets are R150 and people can either buy them from me or go to


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– Lucha Denero

-Hastings Models Global

Siyabonga Masemola

Facebook: Siyabonga Masemola

Instagram: @cyah.s